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Wheatstone: Audio Consoles, Processing, Networking

If it's audio broadcast, it's happening at Wheatstone. We manufacture broadcast audio products, from digital consoles, control surfaces and Audioarts mixers to fully integrated audio over IP (AoIP) and TDM routing systems as well as spectral audio processing for on air and over the internet, plus a wide variety of studio and broadcast wares for radio, television and commercial installations.

Installed in more broadcast facilities than any other console brand, Wheatstone and Audioarts provide complete  program access and control for your broadcast facility. Mission Critical. Failsafe. Bulletproof – just some of the words people use to describe our studio products. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Exceptionally cool – just some of the words used to describe our people.

Sweeet NAB

CandyAirAuraX3 420It was Day Two of the NAB show when we noticed someone walking by our booth talking a mile a minute to an associate, who had clearly just arrived and was being briefed on the latest product announcements.

We strained to hear what he was saying and might have even heard the Wheatstone name mentioned a few times. But just as the two got within earshot, we heard the kicker: “You know what else is new this year?” Pause. “The candy.”

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Wheatstone Takes Five Industry Awards at NAB 2014!

Five Awards!

Wheatstone introduced some exciting new products at NAB 2014, and it appears that the industry noticed! Wheatstone was presented with an unprecedented five Best of Show awards for its BLADE 3, L-12, SG-192, Dimension Three, and Series Four products.

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NAB 2014 Video: New Wheatstone Radio Products

New Radio Products Video

In this video, shot in our booth on the show floor at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Wheatstone's Jay Tyler gives you a first hand view of Wheatstone's incredible new BLADE-3s and other great new gear.

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From NAB 2014: New TV Products

New TV Products Video

In this video, shot in our booth on the show floor at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Wheatstone's Phil Owens walks you through two of Wheatstone's new television audio consoles: The Dimension Three and the Series Four.

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How can you help us to help you?

WheatIdeaFactoryVideoSplash 4 14 CS

The customer service professionals at Wheatstone offer some advice on how you can make it easier for them to help you.

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To see more videos from this series, feel free to visit here: 
Wheatstone Inside The Idea Factory Videos

AES67 and Undiscovered Country

Steve DovePredictably, Wheatstone's Minister of Algorithms, Steve Dove, didn’t go down the same beaten path of AES67 compliance as everyone else presenting at the NAB Broadcast Engineering session on audio over IP. 

His discussion on the next thing that needs to happen in studio interoperability put him squarely in discovery and control country – the layer of network communication that is off the grid with regard to AES67, which mainly deals with audio timing and sync issues.

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Time Lapse of Complete Studio Install

AgileInstall420Here's an excellent time-lapse video of the installation of new studios at SYN (Student Youth Network) in Melbourne, Australia! Those consoles are Audioarts IP-12 control surfaces, networked via Wheatstone's WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. The installation was managed by Wheatstone's Australian dealer, Agile Broadcast.

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What You Might Not Know About Wheatstone

2001 D51In 2001, we were accused of capturing the Starship Enterprise and turning it into our D-5.1 TV audio console. This console won all the awards at the show that year. It’s now the console of choice for a lot of broadcasters, including a certain professional football films company.

Here's more background on the history of Wheatstone.


LPFM Coming Up

AudioartsLPFM Airforce 200

The LPFM studio you build today will be better and more affordable than the one you might have sketched out on a yellow legal pad back in the early '00s.  For one thing, professional broadcast consoles are more compact and better equipped. Our Air-1 fits anywhere your laptop does, for example, and has USB to boot so you can plug it into your laptop for scheduling, storing and creating content.

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All-Around IP-12 Console Comes in a 16-Fader Frame

IP16 HEADONFour more channels added to our all-around IP-12 networked console nets you a bigger console at a price that's affordable. Enter the new IP16 control surface for your WheatNet-IP network.

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Michael Leclair Tours Wheatstone

RWEE FACTORY TOURMichael Leclair, contributing editor to Radio World Engineering Extra, recently got a tour of the Wheatstone factory in New Bern, NC. He writes about it in the Dec 11, 2013 edition. His article is called "I Take the Wheatstone Factory Tour."

His story begins...

"One of the more interesting aspects of editing Radio World Engineering Extra is the occasional field trip to see some of our industry leaders. In November I got the chance to visit Wheatstone Corp. in the small town of New Bern, N.C. It is a classic, U.S.-based manufacturing company: In one end come raw materials such as steel, wood, plastic and electronic components. Out the other side, finished products emerge as audio systems, consoles, routing switchers and audio processing." 

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icon Wheatstone Factory Tour: RWEE 12/11/2013 (1.1 MB)

Sizing Up (or Down) TV Audio

SizingTV UPPhil Owens remembers the days not so long ago when getting a television audio console into the studio meant taking a window out, cutting holes in walls, even getting a crane to lift the behemoth thing through a window. Now, "I've had guys tell me that the hardest part of putting in one of our digital audio consoles is taking the old one out," he said.

It's understandable then that a trend we've started to call Big Console/Little Console is a laughable concept to Owens, one of our sales engineers who rightly insists that today's digital console is anything but "big."

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Application Note: Talent Uninterrupted.

WUIS ClockWe've done our share of studio workarounds for talent. But an "alarm clock" for the morning guy? We had no idea our WheatNet-IP system was being used for that. Greg Monfroi, the CE for WUIS-FM in Springfield, Illinois, said he was asked by management to come up with a solution for the new morning talent who was having a difficult time adjusting to his early sunrise schedule. The public station's automation is programmed to stay with the NPR overnight feed until the morning guy arrives in the wee hours of the morning – if, in fact, he arrives at the appointed hour. A no-show could be a big problem. Check out this ingenious WNIP "alarm clock."

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How To Make Your STL Smarter

WheatBladeSTL ImageHere's a little something you can do with your WheatNet-IP BLADEs for alerting if there's an intruder at the transmitter site, for remotely checking output audio on the mod monitor, and more. With a BLADE at each end of your STL, for example, you can multiplex up to eight stereo channels over the link, in each direction, depending on the STL.

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