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The L-12 offers assignable sources to any fader. The slightly larger cousin of the L-8, it has enough faders to be effective in busy studios, but not too many that it’s unwieldy to use or overly large.

The L-12 is based on all the same design principles as our popular L-8 and flagship LX-24 control surfaces – including hot-swappable individual fader modules. It is the perfect balance of size, feel and features. This IP control surface for the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network has just enough faders to be effective in most on-air or secondary production studios, but not too many that it’s unwieldy to use and difficult to place in the modern radio environment.

Each of its faders has four stereo output busses, a stereo cue bus, and its own individual Bus-Minus. An OLED source name display, an A/B source selector, and one programmable soft button are also provided, and a SET button gives access to assignable controls in the master section. Snapshots of the L-12 configuration can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button, making setup for different working sessions a snap.

The L-12 has built-in cue speaker and its meter bridge features three sets of bright, high resolution LED meters. The L-12 is designed for use with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.WheatNet-IP is Wheatstone’s popular audio-over-IP network system featuring Gigabit Ethernet throughput and logic control integrated with audio routing, providing operators with instant access to not only I/O, but the logic commands that go with I/O devices and audio.

An IP88CBL Console Audio BLADE provides the audio mix functionality; additional BLADEs can be added for inputs and outputs in a variety of digital and analog formats. This new IP console is sleek, versatile, and low profile (no tabletop cutout needed). Just plug the L-12 into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and quickly assign any source of any type from anywhere in the network to any channel fader.

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  • Low-profile, tabletop form factor allows clear sight lines and requires no furniture cutouts
  • Hot-swappable fader modules
  • Four stereo busses
  • Any source to any fader
  • A/B dual input switching
  • Bus-Minus (N-1) on each input channel
  • Built-in Class D headphone amplifier and level control
  • Event preset recall
  • Includes IP88CBL Console BLADE


Front to back 16-1/4

Front height 1-1/2

Rear height 4-1/4

Width  16-5/8”



Front to back 16-1/4

Front height 1-1/2

Rear height 4-1/4

Width  25 5/8”



Ethernet:  RJ-45

Headphone:  RTS 1/4” phone

Power:  DC connector jack w/locking ring


IP-88CBL Console Audio BLADE (includes Power Supply for L-8)

The IP88CBL provides powerful interface options, including four AES inputs, four stereo analog inputs, four AES outputs, and four stereo analog outputs on RJ45s; control room and studio stereo analog outputs on XLRs, two mic level inputs with gain trim and switchable phantom power on XLRs; cue and headphone outputs on both RJ45 and 1/4" TRS, 12 GPI logic ports on RJ45, and the power supply DC out the for L-8.

The L-12 utilizes an IP-88CB and a compact external power supply.

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