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Here, you'll find a lot of great videos on just about every subject under the sun - as long as it has to with processing. We are fanatics when it comes to sound and are constantly innovating new ways of processing audio to appeal to the modern listener.

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Mike Erickson introduces the AirAura X1

From the show floor at NAB 2016, Mike Erickson introduces the AirAura X1, the newest audio processing offering from Wheatstone Corporation.

Dan Hyatt on Processing

Dan Hyatt of the Radio Rescue Group talks with Scott Fybush at NAB 2016 about his audio processing strategies, designed to increase TSL figures by making stations loud AND listenable.

The Minister of Algorithms Speaks

Scott Fybush talks to Steve Dove, Wheatstone's legendary Minister of Algorithms, about how he got started with DSP, some of the reasons we use it to emulate older gear, what what's on the horizon for processing.

Mike Pappas and Mike Erickson on HD Time Alignment

Scott Fybush talks with Mike & Mike (DaySequerra's Mike Pappas and Wheatstone's Mike Erickson) about the importance of FM/HD time alignment and how the synergy of our two product lines can solve what has been a big problem for broadcasters.

Wheatstone FM 55 & FM 25 Processors Quick Start

In this ten minute video, Wheatstone engineer Mike Erickson takes you through the initial setup of the FM-55 processor from out of the box to on-the-air. These instructions also apply to the FM-55's little sister, the FM-25.

How Do You Describe CLEANER?

Mike Erickson hosts as four Vorsis AirAura customers talk about the changes this remarkable processor has made in the sound of their stations. We'll hear from Robert Butler, Bob Hoffman, George Corso, and Stephen Poole.

New Findings in FM Multipath Control

In this presentation, originally given at NAB 2013, Wheatstone's senior product design engineer for audio processing, Jeff Keith, talks about some new developments in the control of multipath. Multipath is a common problem with FM signals in many areas of the country, and greatly impacts the stereo listening experience. Jeff discusses some ways to combat it.

Advantages of a 31-Band Limiter

In this video, Jeff Keith and Mike Erickson of Vorsis explain the advantages of a 31-band limiter over older limiter technologies with fewer bands. Featured in AirAura, our flagship audio processor, the Vorsis 31-Band "Fine Grain" limiter is the only one in the radio processor market.

What is Wheatstone™ baseband192?

Wheatstone™ baseband192 allows a digital audio processor to send a baseband signal in digital form directly to the digital modulator of an exciter with a digital baseband input. In this video, Jeff Keith and Mike Erickson explain the how and why of this innovation.

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