Audioarts D-76 Radio Console


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Audioarts D-76 Radio Console

The D-76 network console is based on the popular D-75 broadcast console, but has modern conveniences such as network connectivity. You will be amazed at just how capable, and familiar, this tabletop console is.
D76 OPEN MB 2560

The Audioarts D-76 network console has all the practical style and rugged functionality of the beloved D-75 standalone console, a staple in radio studios for the past 15 years, but with modern necessities such as RJ connector system for all your I/O. The D-76 can be ordered with optional plug-in network module for connecting into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.

The D-76 is a tabletop, modular console available in an 18/20-channel frame like its predecessor, the popular D-75, but includes StudioHub+ RJ 45 connectivity and can be ordered with optional IP-76 plug-in module for interfacing to the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.

Sporting a sleek new profile, the new D-76 comes standard with sample rate conversion, ample mic preamps, and plenty of stereo busses, caller capability and a comprehensive monitor section that provides separate feeds to control room/headphone and studio monitor outputs — plus headphone jack and built-in cue speaker.

It has four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs, sample rate conversion on all digital inputs, and interchangeable input module daughter cards for easy analog-to-digital conversion in the field. Its modern design features backlit controls and meter bridge with full-scale, bargraph digital peak plus VU metering and automatic timer and clock.


  • 18/20-channel frame
  • Modular hot-swap plug-in design
  • Optional IP-76 module provides connectivity and additional I/O through WheatNet-IP network
  • StudioHub+ RJ 45 connectivity
  • Inputs can be analog or digital, depending on daughter card installed
  • Any combination of analog and digital line inputs
  • Input channel A/B source select
  • External rackmount power supply
  • Universal opto-isolated mic and line control ports on all input modules
  • Sample rate conversion on all digital inputs
  • Optional dual failsafe power supply
  • Digital clock (can be slaved to ESE time code)
  • Cue function and auto-dropout Connectorized faders and monitor pots
  • Connectorized channel ON/OFF switches
  • CR and studio outputs with separate four-bus source selection plus independent external 1 & 2
  • Both program and switched VU meter pairs
  • Four microphone preamps, standard, with option for four additional
  • Digital timer with autostart and manual control
  • Two on-air tally relays
  • Built-in headphone amp with concealed output jack
  • Built-in cue speaker with amplifier and external cue output
  • Direct digital VU-plus-peak LED metering displays
  • 44.1 or 48kHz native digital clock rates
  • Optional phone module with dual caller support


Mic or Line Input to Program Output:     ±-0.1 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz

Telco Input to Program Output:            +0 dB/-0.2 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz



Analog Input to Analog Output:     101 dB, ref. to FSD      

Digital Input to Analog Output:     101 dB, ref. to FSD



Mic Pre Input to Analog Output:     <0.006%, -32 dBu analog input, +24 dBu analog output, 22 KHz filter BW.

Analog Input to Analog Output:     <0.006%, +24 dBu input, +24 dBu output, 22 KHz filter BW.

Digital Input to Digital Output:      <0.001%, 20 Hz to 20 KHz, -1 dBFs input, -1 dBFs  output, 20 KHz filter BW.

Digital Input to Analog Output:     <0.003%, 20 Hz to 20 KHz, -1 dBFs input, +23 dBu output, 22 KHz filter BW.



Crosstalk, Program-to-Aud:     >100 dB, 20 Hz - 20 KHz

Off:      120 dB, 20 Hz - 20 KHz

A/B:      95 dB, 20 Hz - 20 KHz



Analog Program Outputs:      >95 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz


Input Level Range:      Adjustable -70 to -31 dBu

Input Headroom:      20 dB above nom.



Input Impedance:      10 K Ω, balanced

Input Level Range:      Adjustable -19 to +14 dBu

Input Headroom:      20 dB above nom.

Maximum Input:      +24 dBu


ANALOG OUTPUTS (All)          

Output Source Impedance:      50 Ω balanced

Output Load Impedance:      600 Ω min.

Output Level:      +4 dBu nom. (adjustable), +24 dBu max.



Reference:      +4 dBu = -20 dB FSD

Signal Format:      AES-3 or S/PDIF (on input only)

Digital Reference Freq.:      Internal crystal or opt. external input

Input Attenuation:      0 dB, -12 dB

Internal Sample Rate:      48 KHz or 44.1 KHz 

Processing Resolution:     32-bit fixed with 80-bit extended precision accumulators

Conversions:      A/D 24-bit Delta-Sigma, sample rate conversion on all digital inputs; D/A 24-bit, using 1-bit conversion.

Latency:      <1.5 ms="" analog="" in="" to="" out="" p="">

Data Path:      24-bit



Microphone Preamp:      -128 dBu, 150 Ω source



Output Impedance:      10 Ω

Output Load:      > 8 Ω

Output Level:      +8 dBu nom., +20 dBu max. into 600 Ω load


DIMENSIONS (Tabletop mount)

18 or 20 input frame:      42 3/8”W x 7 1/8”H x 23 5/8”D



20 input frame (fully loaded):       125 watts

NOTE:  FSD = Full Scale Digital = +24 dBu analog 


D76 PowerSupply


Created specifically for use with the D-76, the external rackmount power supply isn’t just someone’s off-the-shelf modular supply in a box marked ‘Audioarts’. The SPS-100 Power Supply is from our own in-house design team and is over-engineered and manufactured (right here in New Bern, NC) for absolute reliability. Besides giving you obvious service benefits, this fan-free external power supply keeps heat where it belongs – in the equipment rack.


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