LX-24 Radio Console

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LX-24 Radio Console

Versatile low-profile, tabletop control surface with on-air serviceability to boot. The LX-24 is capable, unflappable and is hot swappable down to the individual fader.

Go with the flow or create your own moves. This full-on IP console runs rings around other consoles for mission-critical control rooms. The LX-24 is capable, unflappable and hot swappable down to the individual fader. 

This  IP console has total recall of all your settings with overload indicators that are right where they’re supposed to be. It’s sleek, it’s versatile, and it’s low profile, so no tabletop cutouts needed here. The LX-24's low profile and tabletop form factor fits into almost any studio. Just plug the LX-24 into your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and quickly assign any source of any type to any fader anywhere in your network. Dance shoes optional!

Each fader provides access to four stereo busses, plus four pre-fader AUX sends, a stereo CUE bus, and four mix-minuses. There's also a bus-minus output from each fader. An LED source name display, an A/B source selector, and two programmable soft buttons are also available, and a SET button provides access to assignable controls in the master section. Snapshots of the LX-24’s configuration can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button, making setup for different shows or dayparts a snap. Modern niceties such as VGA and USB connectivity are included; PC monitoring and mouse operation welcome. Full Vorsis EQ and mic processing also on tap.

The LX-24 meter bridge features three sets of bright, ultra-high resolution LED meters, as well as LED talkbacks for auxiliary levels and pan control. A digital clock/timer is also included. The LX-24 has control room and headphone outputs with level control and source selection, as well as two independent studio monitor outputs. Stereo CUE speakers are built into the meter bridge.

The LX-24 is designed for use with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. An IP88E Mix Engine BLADE provides the audio mix functionality; additional BLADEs can be added for inputs and outputs in a variety of digital and analog formats.


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  • Low-profile, tabletop form factor allows clear sight lines and requires no furniture cutouts
  • Four sets of high-resolution LED meters (one switched)
  • Four stereo busses
  • Four pre-fader AUX sends with master level controls
  • LED talkbacks for AUX send levels and PAN setting
  • Stereo CUE bus with built-in stereo CUE speakers and class D amplifier
  • Built-in class D headphone amplifier and level control
  • Four mix-minuses plus bus-minus on each fader
  • Two independent studio monitor outputs
  • Digital clock/timer
  • VGA and USB connectors for configuration and setup
  • Two programmable buttons per fader
  • 12 programmable buttons in the master section
  • Event storage and recall allow reconfiguring the console instantly


The LX-24 has built-in VGA and USB Mouse ports so you can operate it with an optional, off-the-shelf VGA monitor. Use the monitor as a part of daily operation or just for deeper editing and put it away. The choice is yours.



LX-24 modules are 14" long x 1.5" wide. Standard LX-24 frames accommodate from 17 to 33 modules depending on the frame size.

All LX-24 frames are 1.9" (5 cm) high at the front, 5" (13 cm) high at the rear, and 19.7" (50 cm) from front to back.

The above dimensions are based on counter-top mounting; the LX-24 can optionally be dropped into a counter cut-out which will lower the above counter height by .75" (2 cm).



   panels          frame width          optional counter cut-out

          17          28"          (71cm)          26-1/8" x 16-1/8"          (66 x 41 cm)

          23          37"          (94 cm)          35-1/8" x 16-1/8"          (89 x 41 cm)

          27          43"          (109 cm)          41-1/8" x 16-1/8"          (105 x 41 cm)

          29          46"          (117 cm)          44-1/8" x 16-1/8"          (112 x 41 cm)

          33          52"          (132 cm)          50-1/8" x 16-1/8"          (127 x 41 cm)



          Monitor           VGA DB-15

          Ethernet          RJ-45

          Mouse          USB

          Headphone          3-pin (for use with supplied remote headphone jack bracket)

          Power          Two 2-pin high power d-sub for redundant power supplies



Every LX-24 console comes complete with frame, meterbridge with meters and CUE speakers (meter complement is dependent on frame size), SEND/PAN/TIMER display, a set of 4 monitor modules, one PSE-2 power supply and cable, headphone jack bracket with cable, documentation, and number of input modules as ordered.


PSE-2 Power Supply

Clean and proper power is key to the great performance you’ve come to expect from Wheatstone. It would be easy to just purchase over-the-counter power supplies for our LX-24. But we don’t. In order to maintain our high level of quality we've designed and built a dedicated separate rackmount supply.


Headphone Pigtail

We know that headphone jacks are seldom located where you need them to be, so every LX-24 comes with this handy pigtail and heavy-duty flange with a TRS jack. Just plug it into the board and mount the brushed steel flange where you need it (such as under your desk, as pictured above). Voila! Your headphone jack is exactly where you want it.


In this video, Wheatstone's Jay Tyler introduces the Wheatstone LX-24 Radio Console.

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