PR&E VMConnected Network Envoy™


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PR&E VMConnected Network Envoy™

VistaMax Envoy Audio Management Frame

Each VMConnected Network Envoy frame networks four RMXdigital and/ or NetWave consoles, expandable to eight studios with an optional, second hub card. Designed for use when fewer resources are shared and to expand current VMConnected Networks.

Choose VMConnected Network for:

  • Moderate centralized input/output connectivity requirements
  • Moderate distributed input/output connectivity requirements
  • Management of RMXdigital and NetWave consoles
  • Allows moderate-sized facilities to incorporate a VMConnected Network audio management system
  • Fanless operation allows use in studios with open mics
  • Expansion slots — uses the same hot-pluggable cards as VMConnected Network cardframes
  • Breakout cards and wiring packages available to simplify wiring to/from card connectors
  • Includes on-board plug-in power supply and a redundant supply interface
  • VMConnected Network Control Center (VMCC) setup software included


Standard Frame

PRE99-1363-1 Hub card

PRE99-1360 Controller card

PRE99-1365 Logic I/O card (with 32 x 32 logic I/O)

PRE90-2121 On-board 48 V DC power supply card

PRE90-2124 Redundant supply pass-through card

PRE99-1366 Blank panels to cover all card slots



A total of four I/O cards and one additional hub card

can be installed per frame

PRE99-1361 Analog I/O card

PRE99-1362 Digital I/O card

PRE99-1363-1 Hub card

PRE99-1363-2 Hub card with optical facets

PRE99-1365 Logic I/O card

PRE99-1367 MOD IV breakout card

PRE99-1205-1 48 V power supply with DC cable (for redundancy)

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