Wheatstone SmoothLine™ Furniture

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Wheatstone SmoothLine™ Furniture

Sleekly Styled Surfaces

Moderately priced furniture for rooms of any size, SmoothLine™ furniture offers freeform countertops, modular casework based on standard equipment racks, and concealed hinges and rounded edges.

With finished interiors utilizing high-pressure laminate exteriors and extensive laminate and Marmoleum® options for casework and countertops.


  • Moderately priced for rooms of any size
  • Freeform countertops
  • Modular casework based on standard equipment racks
  • Concealed hinges and rounded edges
  • Finished interiors with high-pressure laminate exteriors
  • Extensive laminate, Marmoleum® and solid surface options for casework and countertops

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