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Build your own on-screen virtual control interface for just about any purpose. Our ScreenBuilder app has faders, meters, labels, buttons, clocks, timers and other widgets that you can arrange on a PC screen to create your own custom control panels and touchscreens with quick-access buttons, faders and meters for level adjusting and monitoring, and more.

Admit it. You've always wanted complete control of everything and everyone. You've always wanted to be able to know what's happening at all times in all places in your world. Well, here you go. Welcome to ScreenBuilder (should we have called it World Builder?)

Add your own graphics and logos, even images. Custom panels made with ScreenBuilder have access to our complete AoIP network, the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and all of the BLADEs, control surfaces, processors, and partner devices on it so you are only limited by your imagination. Once created, your custom panels and touchscreen interfaces can be password protected to prevent unauthorized manipulation of the special graphics and functions you've designed.



Here is a very interesting project, submitted by Rafael Dolmazon from our friends Save Diffusion in France.

Rafael says, "Multi-destinations control panel. Allows you to assign a source to one or more output BLADEs corresponding to different destinations from the radio. The list of sources is based on selected destinations (only common sources to all Selected destinations). You can listen the source router to the destination (or the return of the site) with the small HP button available on each of the destinations. So I can see the overall and in real time the status of the various destinations." See the map below.

SaveDiffusionScreenBuilderMap2 420


The second projectfrom Rafael is, "Transmission. Control the state of different BLADEs used to transport data between sites. Alarm temperature/link color change if BLADE does not respond. Also displays Version and Time up."


Here is another very interesting project, submitted by Chris Penny from our buddies Agile Broadcast in Australia.

Chris: " The screen I built for this studio is for a producer. It allows them to IFB in to the right channel of a host/ guests headphones by simply pressing on their chair. The ‘dot’ in front of the chairs (on the desk) lights up to show the mic is switched ON. Buttons to the right give the producer full monitoring of all Outside Broadcast lines in the facility, and can talk to any remote talent by pressing the IFB button for the desired line. Group talkback to all guest by pressing ‘talkback all guests’; or to every headphone by pressing the ‘Roosevelt’ button (Roosevelt is the name of the studio). A monitor selector on the left side of screen allows the producer to monitor a variety of program sources, and a PC button mixes in the producer’s internet computer to the monitor mix. Additional controls include delay DUMP control (which illuminates when delay is full) and Aircom, which sends the producer’s talkback microphone to the On Air mix via an AirAura processor (to colour the sound so it mimics an intercom/ and control dynamics)."

AgileScreenBuilder 420

And here are a couple of photos of the studio that's illustrated in the ScreenBuilder project:



Bottom line?

ScreenBuilder gives you unlimited control over your entire network. But more than that, you can use it to created dedicated screens to control specific things. Whatever your needs, ScreenBuilder can address them with ease.



  • Widgets include Faders, Knobs, Buttons, Graphics Tools, Clocks, Timers, Meters, and programmable events
  • Easy to use layout environment
  • Drag, drop and assign values to each widget
  • Completely scriptable
  • Control all aspects of your WheatNet-IP environment including all third party gear that's interfaced
  • Password protection
  • Use your own graphics
  • Access from anywhere

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