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WHEATSTONE Television Consoles


Wheatstone TV audio consoles pack in a lot of efficiency. We moved everything routing and logic related to the network, and replaced the gargantuan consoles of the past with these efficient, compact network consoles.

All function and no bloat, Wheatstone audio consoles are built broadcast tough. Wheatstone offers two console lines: its newer IP networked consoles for its WheatNet-IP audio network and its established traditionally-networked consoles for its Gibraltar Network.

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IP Television Audio Consoles

This 32-fader (or larger) digital mixing console features IP networking and a touchscreen interface that recognizes smartphone-style gestures. The IP-64 large-format mixing console is a solid, intuitively laid out surface that's easy to operate.

The Dimension Three TV audio console combines capabilities such as I/O layering and channel profiling to provide the most flexible control surface ever. A touchscreen option brings even more controls to the operator's fingertips.

The Dimension One is an IP networked console with a medium footprint that provides a very rich feature set normally found only on much larger consoles.

D-8EX packs a lot of mixing power into a small space, making it an ideal companion in your remote truck or secondary on-air/production room.

The Series Four is made to work with today’s production automation systems, yet has all the important features for live broadcast operations.

Our 16-fader, IP networked console has a size and feel ideal for small studios or OB or ENG vans.

Gibraltar Network

The D-5.2 TV audio console represents our top-of-the-line console for live production. The D-5.2 has lots of IFB capability and all the controls you need for live breaking news, play-by-play sports coverage or any fast-paced event.

This TV audio console based on our Gibraltar Network mix engine puts more of everything -- busses, mix-minuses, channels, controls -- into a compact footprint.

The DR-9 Director's Panel is a small control surface designed to extend the functionality of your Wheatstone TV audio console. It has four programmable switches and four faders which can be slaved to the DCM masters on your D-5.2, Dimension One, or D-32.

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