Audioarts AML Azalea


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This Little Number Has It All!
WHEATSTONE Introduces Mighty Little Audioarts Console!

 USB. Separate Power Supply. QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST. ALL FOR JUST $1,500 USD. 

  • Full, 100mm throw faders with separate on/off buttons 
  • USB port for automation, laptops, and other modern feeds 
  • Super Quiet™ mic preamps for low noise 
  • External power supply built by Wheatstone to extend the life of your console 
  • Built-in headphone amp with split cue, and more…

Engineered, manufactured, and supported by Wheatstone -- serving broadcasters for over 50 years.

The mighty little AML 8 console is what happens when you mix Audioarts with Wheatstone, and add 45 years' experience designing, manufacturing, and supporting mixing consoles for broadcasters around the world (many still in operation today).

Features and quality go way up, price goes way down, and the result is a sleek little console that fits easily into any home studio, voiceover booth, remote truck or on-air studio. Not just another analog facelift, the AML 8 is re-engineered from the inside out to pack modern features into its compact size and price.

The new Audioarts AML 8-channel console includes a USB port for today’s feeds (including that extra automation channel you need) and is quality engineered with Wheatstone exclusive features such as Super QuietTM mic preamps to bring out the best in vocals.

More than 45 years of Wheatstone console engineering is wrapped up in the AML 8, starting with the external power supply built by Wheatstone to protect critical components and add to the life of the console.

Audioarts Engineering is a sister brand to Wheatstone. Both are engineered, manufactured and supported under the same roof in Wheatstone’s New Bern, North Carolina, factory.

Audioarts AML Azalea Features

  • 8 input faders by 2 stereo bus configuration
  • 2 mic channels, differential input on Phoenix style connector, variable gain

  • Four stereo analog channels, input on RJ45 connector, dip switch level selectable (-10, +4)

  • USB stereo audio input on USB type B connector with built-in D/A convertor

  • 2 main stereo outputs, PGM1 and PGM2, balanced +4 on RJ45 connectors

  • Cue bus and caller mix-minus outputs, balanced +4 on RJ45 connectors

  • Control room output with fader level control balanced +4 on RJ45 connector

  • Separate guest output, balanced +4 on RJ45 connector, with talkback.

  • External input, balanced, on RJ45 connector for off-air monitoring.

  • Built-in headphone amplifier with split cue function


Frequency Response                 ±0.1dB 20Hz-20kHz (mic & line)

Dynamic Range                           Line (unity gain) 113dB 

                                                       Mic (54dB gain) 100dB

Headroom                                    24dB above +4dB

Noise                                             Mic -128dB EIN

                                                       Line -87dB ref 0VU

THD+N                                          Mic <0.02% @-50dBu in, +4dBu out 

                                                       Line <0.003% @-4dBu in, +4dBu out

Bus Crosstalk                              -90dB @1kHz 

Stereo Separation                      -60DB @1kHz 

Off Isolation                                -115dB @1kHz

Power Supply 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz external, built by Wheatstone.

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