NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 6, 2018) – Wheatstone Corporation adds a new PR&E console to its product line this NAB with the introduction of the EMX, a full-featured AoIP control surface.

The new console carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand that includes the Wheatstone-designed DMX console introduced last year. It builds on the success of the 8- or 16-channel DMX with several new features and up to 24 faders in one frame, as well as easy connectivity to a plug-and-play IP audio network.

The EMX features four stereo main buses, two stereo aux buses, an offline bus, a dedicated two-channel telco record output, and a separate bus-minus feed from each channel. Selectable auto foldback on each fader allows talkback to callers or remotes. The EMX comes in three frame sizes and two styles (standard and expanded) for easy accommodation of any format or studio preference.

The EMX includes advanced channel features, which are accessed by a multi-function knob at the top of each channel to provide quick, intuitive control over source selection, mode (stereo/left/right/mono), pan, EQ/dynamics, and Aux 1 and Aux 2 send level. Operator access to these control functions is programmable.

Both the DMX and the new EMX use the WheatNet-IP protocol-based 1RU PR&E Mix Engine and can connect to 1RU Razor I/O Interfaces. The PR&E Mix Engine provides 1GB connectivity and robust routing of sources and destinations between studios, and has a built-in Ethernet switch so an external switch is not required for basic installations. The control surfaces utilize Wheatstone’s popular WheatNet-IP protocol to access, control, and process audio sources on the network. The surfaces easily integrate existing radio automation systems using WheatNet-IP software drivers and either WheatNet-IP logic or ACI commands. Razor I/O Interfaces come with eight stereo analog I/O channels plus two additional mic preamps (RZR 16A), eight AES3 digital I/O channels (RZR 16D), or four stereo analog/four digital I/O (RZR 16AD). Each Razor includes six GPIO logic ports and Ethernet connections on RJ45 jacks.

“The EMX is a very powerful console that’s ideal for busy studios requiring advanced flexibility. The ‘easy routing’ design that was introduced in the DMX AoIP console continues with the EMX,” says PR&E Field Service Engineer Richard Maddox. “Having three user programmable buttons on each fader channel allows for a wide range of custom configurations to match studio formats and workflows, and its Ethernet connectivity and ACI interface allow for remote control ability from across the hall or across the country,” he added.

The new EMX control surface is available with 16, 20, or 24 faders in both Standard and Extended frame sizes, and is Wheatstone’s second PR&E console introduction since purchasing Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) assets from GatesAir in February 2017. Wheatstone is demonstrating the EMX, and other PR&E products, as well as WheatNet-IP studio products at NAB booth N6806.

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