Who is Wheatstone?

Broadcast Tough 
Audio mixing consoles/surfaces. IP routing and control. Audio processors. Digital editing tools.

Wheatstone's products and studio systems are designed and built specifically for the demands of broadcasting. They cover a range from smaller single-station studios to large multi-studio, multi-station complexes with a million cross-points and dozens of mixers, talent stations, and elements connected across a region.

VoxPro Does Jury Duty


KMVQ/San Francisco’s St. John grabs his VoxPro and heads out to the San Mateo county courthouse for jury duty every morning.

He’s the host of St. John’s Playhouse (afternoons on 99.7NOW) broadcasting out of San Francisco, and for the past three weeks, he’s been performing his show from the courthouse while also performing his civic duty.

VoxPro audio recorder/editor on jury duty? We were curious, so we asked St. John to explain it to us on his drive into the courthouse one morning.



Processing For Streaming

StreamBlade090819The pyramid of conflict says you can have good, cheap or fast, but not all three.

Streaming is a textbook case of this. We have seen data transfer rates rise and connectivity prices fall, which recently got us wondering about streamed music quality.

We wondered: Could we combine what we know about AoIP with what we know about on-air audio processing to improve the quality of streamed music? Could we give streamers a fuller sound and bring out those crisp highs, that deep bass like we’ve been able to capture with our new X5 FM/HD audio processor? And, could we then push all that through a codec whose job is to lose as many bits as the pipe can handle, often indiscriminate of which ones? 

We not only could, but we did. StreamBlade was introduced at IBC this month as a multi-stream appliance for our WheatNet-IP audio network that has selectable Opus, AAC and MP3 encoding and AGC, peak limiter and other processing tools specifically designed to optimize the sound quality of encoded audio content.

It turns out that with the right amount and type of audio processing, you can play to the psychoacoustical characteristics of lossy codecs to get that fuller sound, crisp highs and deep bass. Here are six things to keep in mind. 


Video Spotlight: 365 days of studios from around the world

Customer appreciation tour 2018/19, put together by our Jay (Ken Burns) Tyler when he was perusing his photo collection and discovered just how prolific Wheatstone is in the broadcast world. See yourself in this video? If not, there's still time to get Wheatstone installed and be in next year's!


Fresh Wheat

At NAB 2019, Wheatstone introduced ten new products. Click below to learn about each.

Wheatstone at Trade Shows and Meetings in 2019

Wheatstone attends many trade shows and meetings around the world every year.
Here's where you'll be able to find us:

European Radio Show: Jan 24-26 - Paris, France

SCBA Winter Conference: Jan 31 - Columbia, SC

MSBC: March 15 - Atlanta, GA

NRB: Mar 26-29 - Anaheim, CA

NAB Spring Show: Apr 8-11 - Las Vegas, NV

LAB/MAB: May 29-30 - New Orleans, LA

SMPTE Australia: Jul 16-19 - Sydney, Australia 

MediaTech Africa: Jul 17-19 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Texas Association of Broadcasters: Aug 7-8 - Austin, Texas

AMITRA: Aug 22-25 - Acapulco, Mexico

SET Expo: Aug 26 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

IBC: Sep 13-17 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

NAB Radio: Sep 24-27 - Dallas, Texas

CCBE: Sep 26-29 - Toronto, Canada

Media Resource Expo: Oct 1 - Boston, Massachusetts

WISCONSIN WBA Clinic: Oct 15-17 - Madison, Wisconsin 

NAB-NY: Oct 16-17 - New York City 

WABE Annual Conference: Nov 3-5 - Calgary, Canada

ABA Convention: November 14-15 - Anchorage, Alaska

KPB: Nov 10 - Philippines

Where Scripters Meet

Are you a ScreenBuilder or ConsoleBuilder power user? Register and log onto our Scripters Forum. This is a new meeting place for anyone interested in developing new screens and workflows for our WheatNet-IP audio network. Share scripts, screen shots and ideas with others also developing virtual news desks, control panels, and signal monitors.

You’ll find documents, starter scripts and a whole knowledge base available to you for making customized screens like those pictured.

Click to register for our Scripters Forum (it's free)


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Wheatstone is all about radio. Cool consoles and mixers. Intelligent audio IP studio networking and routing. PR&E Consoles. VoxPro recording and editing. AM and FM on-air processors that rock both loud AND clean.


When you think of TV audio, you think of Wheatstone. Our consoles are the control centers for the finest facilities in the world. WheatNet-IP audio networking is becoming THE standard for interconnect.


Only Wheatstone offers processors with the surgical precision of 31-band processing! Sound shaping for FM, AM, HD, television, webcasting, podcasting, mastering or live audio.


For live, on-air recording and real-time editing, there's no better solution than VoxPro.


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