> Leighton Broadcast, St Cloud, MN

> KEYT, Santa Barbara, CA

> Hubbard Broadcasting, Phoenix, AZ

> KUNA-FM-02, Palm Springs, CA

> RTE Pulse Ireland

> CBS, Philadelphia, PA

> Xstudio, Sydney, Australia

> RTE Pulse Ireland

> TS-4H Talent Station

CoverProAudioAsiaArticleBuilding the Wheatstone Bridge

We hope you take the time to read this great company profile, written by Pro Audio Asia!

Building The Wheatstone Bridge Article

Wheatstone at NAB 2017

We're pulling out all the stops for NAB 2017.
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Take An In-Depth Look at the LXE

LXE Masthead2

Our new LXE consoles are out in studios around the world now. Take an in-depth look at the most advanced contol surface we've ever made!
Click to see it.

MJs at work on their LX-24 at 106.2 Big FM in Dubai

We just got a link to this cool video. Check out behind the scenes, featuring a Wheatstone LX-24!

VoxPro6 How-To Videos


For the beginner looking to hop right in, these are perfect. For the seasoned pro, a quick run through may show you some of the new features that you weren't necessarily aware of. Click on the image above to see them.

PR&E – Back In The Game

If you had a chance to buy your favorite baseball or football team, would you?

Heck yeah, right?

When Wheatstone acquired PR&E last month, we experienced our own version of what it must be like to own the Patriots or Cubs or Name Your Favorite Sports Team Here. We’ve been PR&E fans for a long, long time. Many of us at Wheatstone watched PR&E from the sidelines as younger versions of ourselves, and we know personally what has gone into the PR&E name.

This is the studio equipment manufacturer that practically invented audio routing -- not IP routing per se, but certainly this idea of moving audio and logic and mix-minus around in a studio.

The video interview up top with PR&E's Richard Maddox shows that even the guys who build the consoles day in and day out are fans. And it's fun to watch Richard's reaction to the first time he explored the Wheatstone factory (quite recently).

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Wheatstone Acquires PR&E

New Bern, NC February 17, 2017 –

Wheatstone Corporation has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) from GatesAir of Quincy, Illinois (formerly Harris Broadcast) for an undisclosed amount. The purchase includes audio consoles, the networking system, the furniture lines, all designs, trademarks, engineering files and tooling, effectively restoring the PR&E console brand under the Wheatstone umbrella.

PR&E is a distinguished console manufacturer dating back to the 1970s with more than $80 million in products and services sold globally.

“We have a respect for the PR&E brand that goes way back. They were considered the Mercedes Benz of consoles at one time, and today, the name PR&E still stands for quality. Our intention is to not only restore the PR&E brand, but to grow it and give existing as well as new customers the mobility to easily transition to IP networking,” says Wheatstone CEO Gary Snow.

Wheatstone previously acquired Auditronics in March of 1999 and Audion Labs in October of 2015, and currently manufactures a complete line of broadcast studio products that includes Audioarts Engineering and VoxPro brand names, as well as Wheatstone IP audio networking, control surfaces, talent stations, audio processing for FM, AM and streaming, software applications, and other products developed and designed specifically for broadcast.

Radio World Article "Wheatstone Acquires PR&E From GatesAir" Feb 17

Radio World Article "Wheatstone Plans PR&E’s Future" Feb 21

Wheatstone Appoints SCMS as Exclusive U.S. Distributor for PR&E Brand

New Bern, NC February 24, 2017 –

PRE LOGO White BlackBkgd

Wheatstone Corporation announces the appointment of SCMS as its exclusive distributor in the U.S. for the Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) brand.

The appointment comes one week after Wheatstone acquired PR&E assets and intellectual property from GatesAir with the overall goal to restore the PR&E console brand under the Wheatstone umbrella.

“There’s not another dealer that knows the PR&E brand or the customer base better than SCMS. They are a critical part of our strategy to revive the brand,” said Wheatstone CEO Gary Snow.

“Our relationship goes way, way back. It’s a good feeling to be back as a full member of the Wheatstone family,” commented Bob Cauthen, President, SCMS, which had been offering PR&E consoles and networking previously under an exclusive arrangement with GatesAir.

The broadcast equipment dealer was one of the first Wheatstone dealers in Wheatstone’s early history as a console manufacturer.

Effective immediately, SCMS is the exclusive dealer for PR&E consoles and networking wares in the U.S. The broadcast equipment dealer will continue to offer Wheatstone’s audio processing and Audioarts console lines as a non-exclusive distributor in the U.S.

Wheatstone Processing Videos

In January 2017, Mike Erickson sat down with Scott Fybush to talk all things processing. We shot video of the conversations and got some exceptional stuff. Learn about what it takes to provide modern, airwave-dominating clean sound that listeners rave about.

Show me the videos! >

A Comparison of Wheatstone Television Audio Consoles

In this video series, Phil Owens takes Scott Fybush through each of the Wheatstone TV Audio consoles, explaining functionality and outlining similarities and differences.

These two videos are the first in the series, taking a close look at Dimension Three.

To see the others, please click here.

Radio. The Loud One


This is a tale of two media, one a distinguished newspaper for more than 200 years and the other rather loud.

Nordjyske Medier newspaper has occupied the Danish territory of Nordjyske since 1781, making it a few years older than the United States Constitution. The media company’s radio group hasn’t been around quite as long -- a mere 30 years.

And yet, they both share one large media house in Aalborg, Denmark, thanks to ample soundproofing that separates the noisy business of radio from the quiet business of newspapers. Floating floors isolate Radio Nordjyske and its Top 40 station upstairs from the printing business downstairs, but – and here’s where the story gets interesting – the two are very much connected in their day-to-day operation.

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Mix Your Television Remote Audio From Home

AirAuraX3 420The days of schlepping tons of equipment around to various sporting venues are numbered, along with the associated travel and staffing issues, such as delayed flights, room cancellations, and all the rest that happen as a matter of routine during a remote broadcast.

Fiber optic and other high-speed communication links can now bring it all to your home studio where your production team can mix the game and get it out for broadcast almost as fast as it happens. No big anvil cases. No grumpy field engineers. Well, that last part isn’t entirely true – but the cost savings of mixing remote games from home certainly is.

Read the Rest of the Story


When the Airport Bans Your Phone

By Dee McVicker

Did you know that along with knives and guns and bombs, you are no longer allowed to carry a Galaxy Note 7 phone on the airplane? The Note 7 is blacklisted by U.S. carriers. If you happen to make it past the TSA checkpoint and onto the plane with one in your pocket, you’ll be asked to hand it over to a flight attendant...

Something has gone terribly wrong with a product when it’s on the no-fly list.

Read the rest of the story



Wheatstone Adds HD/FM Time Alignment to AirAura X3 Processor!

Wheatstone has announced that its top-of-the-line FM/HD processor, AirAura X3, is the first processor to accomplish off-air monitoring, measurement and real-time correction of HD diversity delay without requiring external gear. "In many stations, the FM processor provides the diversity delay and most FM processors can accept delay corrections from third-party outboard monitors. However, when the off-air monitoring, delay measurement and correction functions are all embedded within the processor itself, outboard gear is no longer required,” explains Jeff Keith, Wheatstone Senior Product Development Engineer.



It was another normal full-network test. As with every system we sell, we fully burn in and test it – every component, the way every component works with every other component, AND the way it all works with other gear in the customer's studios (via our ACI and, of course, AES67). For this system, commissioned by a Wheatstone customer, because it was so large, we decided to add even more to it and see if we could strain it. We are happy to say that it performed perfectly.

Click to see equipment list
1 LXE console
1 LXE Digital Engine Blade
1 SERIES 4 console
1 Dimension 3 Touch console
2 Gibraltar network cages
1 E6 console
1 L12 console
13 LX-24 consoles
15 Digital Engine Blades
15 Digital I/O Blades
9 Analog/Digital I/O Blades
11 Analog I/O Blades
1 MADI Blade
1 CB32 Blade
1 HBx16R panel
1 Edge Blade
1 HD-SDI Blade
1 B3 Mic Blade
12 M4IP mic processors
1 FM55 processor
1 Aura8IP mic processor
1 AirAura X3 processor
21 TS4 talent station panels
2 TS22 talent stations
5 SideBoards
4 Cisco core switches
24 Cisco peripheral switches

AND, there's an IP Radio link!


That leaves the C train, which departs in five minutes but arrives nowhere near your destination. You could take a connecting train that will get you close, but that’s going to add more time onto your travels. What you’ve just experienced is a crisis in routing. When one route changes, whether due to track, train, studio or switch, there’s a delay or detour in traffic, be it packets or passengers. And that can never be good for broadcasters, who are easily the most punctual people on the planet, having spent years timing programming, newscasts and ads down to the second.



Some years ago, something epic began happening with radio contest callers: They stopped asking if they were the “ninth caller;” they already had their radios turned down, and they were as tight in their responses as the jock was in his/her performance. Did their level of intellect or their performing chops suddenly improve overnight? Nope. Give credit where credit is due: Stations bought a VoxPro — the recorder/ editor for live on-air operation, designed in 1991 by Seattle personality Charlie Brown and distributed by Audion Labs.




Having all these terms in one place, and in alphabetical order, definitely comes in handy. But just as helpful to us are the comments at the end of the article by those who, for various reasons, added onto or had their own definitions.



By Dee McVicker

If you’ve ever driven the 372 miles from Los Angeles to Phoenix, you know that there’s nothing between Blythe and Quartzsite except a few jackrabbits and your radio. Sometimes, there are no jackrabbits.



Applying touchscreen GUI technology to today’s audio console has some interesting rewards in workflow, as we demonstrated with our IP-64 and the Dimension Three TV audio consoles in previous years, and now with our new LXE IP audio console this NAB show. READ MORE


It’s drive time all the time for 107.7 Sanef located near Senils, France. That is, the station broadcasts to traveling motorists through a network of 200 watt transmitters synchronized on the same frequency and located along 1,800 kilometers of motorway. READ MORE


Audio mixing consoles are now part of a much larger universe, the fabric of which is networking. How a console is networked is more critical than ever before, as are the applications that drive its usefulness.



Today, broadcast operations have extended beyond and expanded within their walls, thanks largely to IP and networking. But meanwhile, back at the factory, we’re keeping it all under one roof. Why? READ MORE


By Scott Johnson

When you think of Wheatstone processing, you naturally think of broadcasting. But if an audio engineer tucked an Aura8-IP under his arm and left the station, would he find other uses for it? The answer, I found out recently, is a resounding yes! READ MORE


To make sure our system can outperform every other AOIP network on the face of the earth, and do it easily and robustly, we routinely get our engineers together to put them through stuff no real installation would ever attempt. How does WheatNet-IP perform? READ THE STORY


left aligned image Network EDGE is designed specifically as a translator between high-quality, low-latency studio networks such as WheatNet-IP and low-bandwidth STL connectivity options such as IP wireless radios.

IP wireless radios in the unlicensed 5 or 24 GHz range are priced from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Typically located at the studio, the Network EDGE interfaces directly to an IP wireless radio or commercial leased line for point-to-point connectivity between locations. Network EDGE can be used with any of the major IP radio brands currently on the market. When used within the WheatNet-IP system, with a Network EDGE at one end and a BLADE at the other, this opens up a world of possibilities based on BLADE I/O functionality such as silence detection, clip player, logic for automation, et al.

The Network EDGE includes local I/O (two AES and two stereo analog) and 12 programmable logic ports.

Click here for the Network Edge product page.

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