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NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 6, 2018) – Wheatstone introduces a midsized Audioarts Engineering console at NAB 2018 that combines the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth™ connectivity.

The new Audioarts Lightning comes in a 12- or 16-channel tabletop frame and has all the essentials for talk studios or newsrooms.

Included are two stereo program buses, two mono buses, two auto mix-minuse...


WHEATSTONE VIRTUAL STUDIO TABLET 2560pxLeading AoIP innovator releases new version of ScreenBuilder, a GUI-based tool for developing virtual news desks and other virtual interfaces for the WheatNet-IP audio networked studio. 

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 6, 2018) – Wheatstone Corporation will demonstrate the latest in virtual studio workflows this NAB with the release of ScreenBuilder 2.0, a new version of the virtual development platform for its popular WheatNet-IP audio network.<...



NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 6, 2018) – Wheatstone Corporation adds a new PR&E console to its product line this NAB with the introduction of the EMX, a full-featured AoIP control surface.

The new console carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand that includes the Wheatstone-designed DMX console introduced last year. It builds on the success of the 8- or 16-channel DMX with several new features and up to 24 faders in one frame, as well as easy connectivity to a plug-and-...

CEO Gary Snow Recognized with Three Industry Innovator Awards

Wheatstone is proud to announce that CEO and founder Gary Snow has been singled out for three New Bay Industry Innovator awards presented by Radio WorldRadio magazine and TV Technology.

NewBay’s Industry Innovator Award winners are selected by a panel of experts and evaluated on their professional achievements, technical and business innovations and continuing influence within their industries.

Gary Snow founded Wheatstone over 40 years...

Wheatstone NAB2017 Promo Images FM55e

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 21, 2017) – Wheatstone introduced its second-generation FM-55 audio processor, the FM-55e, at this week’s NAB show.

The FM-55e includes all the same features that earned the FM-55 its reputation as the choice in value FM processing, but adds enhanced iAGC controls as well as an entirely new bass processing design.

“These enhancements give broadcasters that little extra competitive edge to what is still the best in its class, both from a sonic standpoint and the list of features” said Mike Erickson, Wheatstone Processing’s Systems and Support Engineer.  “The FM55e is another step forward in the creation of processing that is naturally loud, where stations that are on a bud...

Wheatstone and Artel team up to demo a simulated remote sporting event produced live from a ‘home’ studio using virtualized audio services across a WAN.

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 18, 2017) – Wheatstone, a leader in IP audio networking, is partnering with real-time multimedia delivery company Artel this upcoming NAB show to demonstrate live remote production using virtualized audio services across a wide-area network.

Demonstrations will take place in Wheatstone booth N6531 and Artel booth N4511.

On one side of Wheatstone booth N6531, foosball players will be knocking around balls in a simulated sporting event that will be captured on camera. The feed will be picked up on the other side of the booth for final mixing and production using the Dimension Three (Touch) IP audio networked console. (Other Wheatstone IP-networked consoles will be available for demonstration as well, including the Series Two and Series Four mix...

Wheatstone NAB2017 Promo Images VoxPro7

Effects editor and audio processing toolset among the new 7.0 features added to the radio industry’s leading phone recorder/editor used for listener call-ins, artist interviews and recorded spots. 

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 21, 2017) – Veteran on-air personality Kaden will be at the upcoming NAB show demonstrating his on-air skills using VoxPro 7, the new version of the popular recorder/editor for live radio being debuted at the show.

Kaden, a major-market radio air personality for iHeartMedia and CBS Radio in the past, will be at Wheatstone booth N6531 to demonstrate the latest VoxPro featur...

Wheatstone partners with Media Networking Alliance (MNA), Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) and others to demonstrate AES67 at IP Showcase, North Hall, Booth N4824 

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 18, 2017) – Wheatstone, a leader in IP audio networking, is partnering with other vendors and third-party organizations this NAB show to demonstrate AES67 compatibility and IP audio networking in both radio and television.

Wheatstone makes the popular WheatNet-IP system, an AES67 compatible IP audio network designed specifically for broadcast that is in use by major U.S. and global broadcast operations. 

This widely used IP audio networking system will be part of the NAB IP Showcase in the North Hall, booth N4824, put on by AES, Media Networking Alliance (MNA), the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), IABM (the international trade associ...

Wheatstone NAB2017 Promo Images PRE DMX

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 21, 2017) – Following its acquisition of PR&E in February, Wheatstone Corporation now introduces at NAB 2017 its new PR&E DMX console line that is a complete, standalone studio system with console surface and IP audio networking. 

The new AoIP console line carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand, but includes IP audio routing as an easy studio add-on. “This is an ideal setup for the two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network,” says Wheatstone Director of Sales Jay Tyler.  

The DMX AoIP is all-inclusive wi...

NEW BERN, NC, USA (February 24, 2017) –Wheatstone Corporation announces the appointment of SCMS as its exclusive distributor in the U.S. for the Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) brand. 
The appointment comes one week after Wheatstone acquired PR&E assets and intellectual property from GatesAir with the overall goal to restore the PR&E console brand under the Wheatstone umbrella. 
“There’s not another dealer that knows the PR&E brand or the customer base better than SCMS. They are a critical part of our strategy to revive the brand,” said Wheatstone CEO Gary Snow.
“Our relationship goes way, way back. It’s a good feeling to be back as a full member of the Wheatstone family,” commented Bob Cauthen, President, SCMS, which had been offering PR&E consoles and networking previously under an exclusive arrangement with GatesAir.
The broadcast equipment dealer was one of the first Wheatstone dealers in Wheatsto...

NEW BERN, NC, USA (February 17, 2017) –Wheatstone Corporation has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) from GatesAir of Quincy, Illinois (formerly Harris Broadcast) for an undisclosed amount. The purchase includes audio consoles, the networking system, the furniture lines, all designs, trademarks, engineering files and tooling, effectively restoring the PR&E console brand under the Wheatstone umbrella.

PR&E is a distinguished console manufacturer dating back to the 1970s with more than $80 million in products and services sold globally.

“We have a respect for the PR&E brand that goes way back. They were considered the Mercedes Benz of consoles at one time, and today, the name PR&E still stands for quality. Our intention is to not only resto...



Audio console and routing manufacturer starts new year as a strong leader in IP connectivity for new workflows such as ‘at home’ live production.

NEW BERN, NC, USA (January 3, 2017) –

Wheatstone announced today the appointment of Lon Neumann as Sales Engineer for the company’s expansive line of audio consoles and IP routing systems for television broadcast.  

Lon brings an impressive list of life experiences to his new role at Wheatstone, including serving as a keynote speaker regarding the FCC’s CALM Act during a joint meeting of NY SMPTE, SBE, AES and IEEE members, and as audio support engineer for the Oscars, the Daytime Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globes. He has a strong b...

AirAuraX3 420


NEW BERN, NC, USA (November 14, 2016) –

Wheatstone has announced that its top-of-the-line FM/HD processor, AirAura X3, is the first processor to accomplish off-air monitoring, measurement and real-time correction of HD diversity delay without requiring external gear.

"In many stations, the FM processor provides the diversity delay and most FM processors can accept delay corrections from third-party outboard monitors. However, when the off-air monitoring, delay measurement and correction functions are all embedded within the processor itself, outboard gear is no longer required,” explains Jeff Keith, Wheatstone Senior Product Development Engineer.  

Maintaining precise diver...



NEW BERN, NC, USA (October 27, 2016) –

Wheatstone announced today its new Multiplex Power Wizard, a new feature for its FM-55 audio processor and SG-192 stereo generator that reduces or eliminates the undesirable audio effects usually associated with the restriction of multiplex (MPX) powerto minimize adjacent channel interference.

The new feature is targeted at broadcasters in Europe and other regions where short-spaced FM frequencies necessitate the reduction of average RF sideband energy through restrictive MPX power control. 

With this new feature, broadcasters will be able to keep multiplex power pegged up to the legal limit as set forth by ...

AirAura X1 092316



NEW BERN, NC, USA (September 12, 2016) –

On the heels of winning Best of Show at NAB in April, AirAura X1 picks up another victory at the IBC Show in Amsterdam!

The AirAura X1 brings very high end processing to a very reasonable price point, and has been racking up rave reviews (and ratings) everywhere it's been deployed.

Here's info on the AirAura X1:

Wheatstone makes serious inroads into midrange priced on-air ...




New LXE Goes Beyond the “Any Source to Any Fader” Concept of Networked Consoles.

NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 14, 2016) – Wheatstone introduces at NAB 2016 a new IP audio console for radio that takes control surface configuration to a new level. Going far beyond the “any source to any fader” concept typical of networked consoles, the LXE is a fully flexible control interface with programmable switches, rotary controls, and fader groupings that can be remotely located and operated from another room or studio.

The LXE is Wheatstone’s latest addition to its IP audio console line for use with its WheatNet-IP audio network, a co...

AirAura X1 092316


NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 14, 2016) – – Wheatstone makes serious inroads into midrange priced on-air audio processing with the introduction of its AirAura X1 spectral audio processor at this year’s NAB show.

The new AirAura X1 uses all the advanced algorithms found in Wheatstone’s top-of-the-lineAirAura X3 for turning up the volume without causing listener fatigue, yet comes with a user interface that doesn’t require a power user to operate. “We designed in all the incredible powertools that made the AirAura X3 a popular choice in the top markets, and then equipped the X1 with newly designed PC and front panel user interfaces. This presents audio controls to the user in a c...



NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 14, 2016) – Wheatstone’s latest acquisition is getting more than a facelift this NAB. The leading audio network and console company, which acquired the VoxPro digital recorder/editor from Audion Labs in October, unveils its new VoxPro 6 audio recorder/editor/playback system designed for live, on-air operation.

Among the upgrades added to the industry’s most popular editor/recorder is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio. Also new: a Gap-Buster function to automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls, support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any of the world...

GibraltarIP Mix Engine. 420


NEW BERN, NC, USA (April 14, 2016) – Wheatstone continues to advance IP audio networking for television sound with the addition of surround sound to its I/O access units and more IP console options for its WheatNet-IP audio network. 

Wheatstone’s Gibraltar IP Mix Engine, introduced at NAB 2015 as the first of its kind IP audio interface for Wheatstone’s audio mixing consoles, is now available for the Dimension Three, Series Four, Series Two, D-8EX, and IP-64 digital mixing consoles from Wheatstone. 
The Gibraltar IP Mix Engine provides these audio consoles with direct connectivity into WheatNet-IP, an AES67 compatible IP audio network with all the necessary ...

Integration of ACI with DaySequerra’s M4.2 TimeLock HD Radio receiver eliminates delay errors without relying on the routing of audio signals through external equipment. 

NEW BERN, NC, USA (February 3, 2016) – Wheatstone announces yet another partnership for eliminating diversity delay errors between HD digital and FM analog signals. 

In 2015, Wheatstone partnered its audio processing technology with Belar’s FMHD-1 modulation monitor to create the first precise, real-time solution for aligning HD and analog FM diversity delay. Now the lead audio processing manufacturer has teamed up its audio processing line and its Automation Con...

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