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You know what they say about radio and silence. Right. So don’t even go there. At Wheatstone, we know you have one thing and one thing only that’s going to raise you above the din of today’s multimedia world. Your sound. If it’s just pictures you want, that’s not us. Wheatstone is all about audio. We process it, route it, and cue it up for you. We get it to do stuff that only radio can fully appreciate, starting with audio IP routing (AoIP) that thinks like you do and radio consoles that are the everyday workhorses of thousands of radio studios today. Cool consoles and mixers. Intelligent audio IP studio networking. AM and FM on-air processors that rock. It’s all right here.

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Digital Radio Consoles

Taking our LX technology into new territory, LXE is the first radio console that gives you the power to program the entire surface. All knobs and buttons can be assigned whatever functions you need. Of course, we'll pre-configure it any way you want, but you can always change it yourself using our new ConsoleBuilder software. Each module has full color OLEDs that will reflect the function of your setup. Plus, there's an all-new touchscreen GUI that comes with it called ScreenBuilder-LXE.

Versatile low-profile, tabletop control surface with on-air serviceability to boot. The LX-24 is capable, unflappable and is hot swappable down to the individual fader.

The L-12 offers assignable sources to any fader and has just enough faders to be effective in most on-air or secondary production studios, but not too many that it’s unwieldy to use and difficult to place in the modern radio environment.

The L-8 is a low-profile, completely modular tabletop control surface that's scaled just right for voiceover or news production.

Powerful and sized just right for demanding on-air or production studios. The E-6 has more faders, more source assignments, more mix-minus capability than you’ll ever need.

Control where you need it, on the side or in the rack. The SideBoard is ideal for newsrooms, guest talent booths – anywhere you need console control.

Standalone or networked, this one fits busy studios with small spaces and small budgets. The E-1 control surface has everything any large-scale console has but in half the footprint -- and cost.

As with the IP-12, the IP-16 is a self-contained AoIP network console system. Essentially, it's an IP-12 with four more channels. Add this console to your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and take advantage of network-wide access to resources and services.

The IP-12 control surface with IP88CB BLADE engine is the perfect entry into audio-over-IP networking for small to medium sized radio operations. With WheatNet-IP, this console is also ready to be part of a larger networked operation.

The first new PR&E console since the 1990s, designed and built by PR&E in New Bern, NC.

Part of the PR&E portfolio, Oasis™ is a high-value, true standalone audio console for on-air and radio production applications. Simply connect your microphones, source equipment, audio monitors — even a PC automation channel (no sound card required) — directly into Oasis and you’re on the air.

The NetWave™ networkable digital audio system delivers the extensive features, operational flexibility and robust construction needed for standalone operation in both on-air and production studios, while the slim, desktop styling makes it perfect for news booths, voice tracking and portable applications.

Analog Radio Consoles

Broadcasters of all stripes need great gear if they want to produce a great show. The 08 is designed to be the best-in-category mixer for small market broadcasters - whether they operate out of studios or bedrooms.

All-in-one mixer for small spaces. The Air-1 is our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet.

Great all around console with that little extra for any application. The Air-4 console proves that low cost doesn’t have to be synonymous with low quality.

With USB connectivity, this 16-fader console is ideal for smaller studios or newsrooms.

Talent Stations (Digital)

The TS-22 networked control panel puts talent mic controls, headphone volume and source selection, and much more at the talent's fingertips.

Wheatstone's Talent Stations allow you to put talent controls right where they need to be -- in front of the talent. One of our smallest Talent Stations, the TS-4VW is vertically orientated, and fits virtually anywhere you need it to be.

The TS-4H, is a horizontal version of the TS-4VW, with front panel 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks.

Turret for host, co-host or producer position

Control where you need it, on the side or in the rack. The SideBoard is ideal for newsrooms, guest talent booths – anywhere you need console control.

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