Sideboard & Talent Stations Overview

Functional Ergonomics for Any Side of the Glass

With our Talent Stations and Sideboards, Wheatstone has created network appliances that fit the bill perfectly for control over specific applications AND fit anyplace you need them. Dial up sources or destinations on your network for news reporters, interviewees, guests, etc. Their low profile, minimal design make them unobtrusive and easy to use.


A complete mini-mixer in a turret or rackmount form factor, Sideboard is perfect for newsrooms, guest talent, interviews – any application that’s too small for a full size console.

The software utility mixers that are built into each one of Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network BLADEs have become so popular that the next logical move was to create a hardware package that controls them. That’s exactly what Sideboard is.

Having access to everything you need in a convenient, tiny size, makes a difference to your workflow. Since each WheatNet-IP BLADE is, in effect, a 16 x 16 mixing router, you can now have control over that capability in a 7” high rackmount unit with about the same footprint as a computer keyboard.

Sideboard iHeart

TS22 FRONT 2560

TS-22 Talent Station

Wheatstone's talent stations allow you to put talent controls right where they need to be – in front of the talent. The TS-22 Talent Station is a first for radio broadcast studios.

This single panel controller plugs into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network to provide controls for mic, headphone, amplifier and speaker levels all in one turret. No outboard equipment required and no wiring it all together. It’s all right here in one IP-accessed turret. 

TS-4 Talent Stations

The smaller TS-4 talent station is available in a horizontal or vertical configuration and  provides lighted on/off/cough and talkback switches for a single talent microphone. A rotary headphone source selector is provided along with an OLED display for identifying the selected source. The source selector doubles as a volume control. There are 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks on the front panel. The TS-4 connects to the WheatNet-IP network via a single Ethernet cable.

TS-4s can be flush mounted into the counter, or can be used with our WDT turret. Either way, it's a diminutive and attractive way to bring control to tight or visually-sensitive environments.

ImpactTS4 TS22

WheatNet-IP Empowers Talent Stations & Sideboards

With WheatNet-IP BLADE-3s, you get a virtual rack room in a 1-rack space box. They handle all the I/O (AES/EBU, SPDIF, AOIP, MADI, SDI and AES 67) and provide full routing capabilities. Each BLADE-3 gives you two 8x2 utility mixers, 12 universal GPI/O ports, 128 software logic ports, silence detection, built-in audio clip player, stereo multi-band audio processing, and much more, assignable anywhere on the network. With it you can create workflows that would require a ton of third-party gear.



  • Available in a tabletop side unit or 4RU rackmount unit
  • 4 or 8 faders with ON/OFF switches
  • PGM and AUD busses
  • Source selector with rotary encoder and display
  • 20-segment stereo LED bargraph metering
  • Headphone output with amplifier and level control
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Works in conjunction with any WheatNet-IP BLADE

TS-22 Talent Station

  • Lighted mic ON/OFF switches
  • Built-in headphone amplifier
  • Headphone level control
  • Headphone source selector
  • Mic talkback switch
  • Works in conjunction with any WheatNet-IP BLADE
  • A/B source selector
  • Speaker with separate level control
  • Built-in timer
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Mounting turret
  • Can be powered by PoE

TS-4 Talent Stations

  • Lighted mic ON/OFF switches
  • Built-in headphone amplifier
  • Built-in 1/4" and 1/8" TRS headphone jacks
  • Headphone level control
  • Headphone source selector
  • Mic talkback switch
  • Works in conjunction with any WheatNet-IP BLADE
  • Can be powered by PoE

Cool Stuff About Sideboard & Talent Stations

Six Programmable Buttons

SideboardProgrammableButtonsSideboardProgrammableMenuTS 22 ProgrammableButtons

The Sideboard and TS-22 come with six programmable buttons. With them, you can do just about anything you can think of. Fire salvos, trigger logic, switch meter functions, etc. We provide some common scripts, but generally, if you can think of it and script it, you can do it. 

Source Select


SourceSelectTS22SourceSelectTSAny input on the network can be called up on any Sideboard channel or on the Talent Stations. The Sideboard has an 8-digit LCD, whereas the Talent Stations feature full-color OLEDs. 

In addition, the TS-22 has six source buttons so that you can pre-set sources most often used and switch between them instantly.

This makes all of these units very powerful little control surfaces.


HeaphonesFront Panel Headphone Jacks

All Talent Stations and the Sideboard have front-mounted headphone jacks, and control over headphone volume. Because the TS-4's are often used with guests, there are both 1/4" and 1/8" TRS jacks to accommodate a variety of headphones.

WhiteTS4HFlexible Mounting Options

The Sideboard can be ordered either housed in a free-standing frame or as a rack-mount device. Each of the Talent Stations may be flush-mounted to a countertop or can be ordered housed in a turret. Additionally, we can work with you to make sure your aesthetics are accommodated.

Simply Plug Into Your Switch...
1. Using standard CAT-6 cables, plug the Sideboard and/or Talent Stations into a managed gigabit Ethernet switch.

2. Plug some of your own audio sources into any I/O BLADE on the network.
Take the output of the BLADE to wherever you want your audio.

3. Turn it on and get going! That’s it!




Sideboard Photos


Sideboard Front View


Sideboard Rack

TS-22 Photos


TS22 FRONT 2560

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TS 22 Blue

TS-4 Photos




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